Why are you so cruel to me…most of the time?
It’s like I’ve done something so terrible to you. But what??? What did I do??
I don’t deserve your cruelty.
You treat me like I’m a bad person sometimes. And I’m not. I know that I’m not.
But what is YOUR problem?
You don’t even have a slight care for me.
You talk about loyalty but what loyalty do you deserve from me?
With the way that you treat me
You don’t deserve it but I still gave that to you
Only until it all became too much.
Too much stabbing in the heart
I couldn’t do it anymore
How many of them?
Including me or without ?
An arrow to the chest
I had to try and free myself from you
Try and do something, something that would even go against my own morals
I did it
And now I wish I hadn’t
Of course it didn’t work
I’m still totally mad about you
I don’t know what to do
I give up on forcing anything
Trying to have anything meaningful with you
Trying to completely end all ties to you
I give up
It’s like I’m in purgatory
It’ll never work
I wish this never happened
I wish I had my guard up with you
I am so weak
So weak when it comes to you
It’s pathetic
What kind of twisted love is this?
What did I do to deserve this?

"How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind."


Can you love me?
Or is it just desires of the flesh?

You make me hope, and I’m afraid of hope
Hope of a future with you


The Borgias

I never liked talking about my sex or love life until you..

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vintage horrors

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